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up ahead there was a curve approaching

she made no indication of slowing

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here kitty kitty, we could get busy

you're so young && oh so pretty

❝Disposable cameras are the most poetic objects I have ever seen. I hate digital cameras because they don't represent the moment. Once you've taken a picture with a 10$ Kodak camera, it's stuck there. You get a print of you and your four closest friends holding up beer bottles, faces flushed, eyes glossy. As soon as a digital camera enters, everybody retakes the picture four times until their faces are perfectly poised instead of brightly smiling and their cheeks are smattered with a light pink instead of red with heat. Disposable cameras offer the reality of the moment.
But at the end of the day, that's all it is. A disposable camera. These fake happy pictures will be swimming around the internet for the rest of your life, but these real pictures get torn up after your third breakup. When you look back, all you remember was everybody fussing to get it right. Maybe I'm reading too much into your camera choice, and maybe no one else cares, and maybe I had too much childhood t(w)eenage angst and I ended up thinking about stupid things like this, but it matters to me.
So what do you pick? The red pill or the blue pill?❞

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